Terms of use:

The Collaborative project is open to the use of any physician, regardless of specialty, in any part of the world, willing to use medicines clinically found effective. The use of this offering is by invitation only; after assuring that the physician receives adequate information enabling her/him to consider the medicines for patients. No claim whatsoever is made that the medicines suggested on this portal could be a substitute to any conventional medicines. The developers of the portal and the inventors are not liable for any after effects claimed to be produced by the use of suggested medicines. The terms of use are described here.

Once the physician registers, a confirmation of participation would be sent after reviewing the application. Login and password for the physician’s account will be sent which will allow to understand the scope of treatment, suggest and select the medicines and send a request for the same; based on the indications provided. The same account will allow to submit patient’s consent as well as follow up details.

Following terms of use would be defined in the physician’s login area.

1. Terms of use for the physician

2. Terms of use for the patient