The Collaborative Treatment project by bioSimilia is a gesture by the inventor sharing decades of exploration, research and learning with the fellow physicians across the world. The new medicines are in the form of potentised nano-pharmaceutical preparations, fall under the category of homeopathic medicines. In this category, there is a lack of clear guidelines for new drug discovery, at least in India. The inventor has approached various government agencies asking them to define the clear mechanism for introduction of new drugs. In the light of the fact that such a mechanism not existing, the inventor has also initiated a petition to the ministry for setting up such guidelines. Of course, such an amendment would possibly take many more years.

Meanwhile, since the clinical results with the new medicines have been positive and encouraging; which were also supported by several pre-clinical and clinical trials, the inventor has been requested by the professional colleagues, asking to allow the new discoveries for the use of others.

The Collaborative Project

The Collaborative Project is a tripartite alliance to extend the possible benefits of the new drugs of the inventor to the patients treated by any physician, based on certain training and guidelines; by not jeopardizing the professional relationship of the attending physician.

The Collaborative Project is expected to be launched as a pilot project early February 2017, to professionals by invitation. The new medicines will be shared for the use of the patients of certain physicians who are given adequate guidelines for the use. Only those practitioners who are enthusiastic to use the new drugs, after careful study of the teaching material and understanding the scope and the limitation of the use of the medicines; would be invited to participate in the project. Every participant practitioner and the patient will be abiding by the terms of use defined on this portal.

Steps to collaboration

Step 1

Doctors intending to prescribe Dr Shah’s new medicines to their patients are suggested to read the concept to comprehend the scope of treatment. The participation is by invitition.

Step 2

Send us a request to participate in the Collaboration project. Select the diseases that you would like to be treated.

Step 3

Request medicine for the individual patient for a specific disease in the format given, along with the dose and repetition; which will be reviewed. The medicine will be sent to you or the patient.

Step 4

Submit Progress report of the patients with required medical updates in a specified format, after logging in your account.