BioSimilia - BioSimCovex - COVID-19 Nosode for prevention and treatment

Order Valium From Mexico The bioSimilia is an initiative to bring the benefits of ultra-minute nano-pharmacological substances to alleviate many disease conditions. Eminent physician cum researcher Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, has been currently working on researching COVID-19 Nosode. BioSimCovex is a COVID-19 Nosode. Three variants of COVID-19 Nosode have been already prepared scientifically. They have undergone pre-clinical and clinical evaluation. This website is expected to share information and research findings of the COVID-19 Nosode.

Initial studies with the COVID-19 Nosode (BioSimCovex) have shown encouraging results. Further studies are underway. We have submitted our proposal for Emergency Approval to the Government of India.

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